4 Ideas For Washi Tape That’ll Stick With You

4 Ideas For Washi Tape That’ll Stick With You

If you’re thinking of adding a little flair to your journaling, cards, or letters, look no further than introducing washi tape to your crafts! Essentially a multipurpose type of traditional Japanese paper made from natural fibres, washi usually features a beautifully textured surface with a variety of beautiful prints and colours. It’s also durable, waterproof and kid-friendly, with no sharp scissors required to cut through the material. In the form of an adhesive tape, washi is perfect for bringing all kinds of craft to the next level!

Love collecting washi tapes but hoarding them much faster than you can use them? Here’re 4 creative ways to use up your stash (so you feel better about your next washi purchase):

1. Jazz up your journal, cards, and letters


Frame the edges of your journal spreads or secure post-it notes onto pages with your washi tapes (Credit: @sleepy.tofu)

Washi tapes come in all sorts of designs and colours, with a sticky surface that adheres to paper just as easily as it can be removed without causing damage. Great for personalising journals and planners, you can use washi tapes to highlight important details or simply make pages look more aesthetically pleasing by using them as stickers.

Washi tape can also be used on cards and letters— feel free to form shapes and patterns with it, or even as a decorative border! And remember, if you ever change your mind about the way it looks, simply remove the tape gently and repurpose it.

2. Track your habits

Mood tracker designed with washi tapes (Credit: @bujowithpau)

Habit trackers are wonderful for keeping track of your progress when it comes to building new habits or to shed unhealthy ones. From mood trackers to water logs, there’re a multitude of different ways to draw up your charts for tracking, and washi tapes can easily be incorporated to indicate your daily progress.

3. Organise with pretty page tabs

Handy washi-tabs for easy navigation. Pictured here are our Spring Fields Washi Tapes.

If you use a planner, you’d know that page tabs are immensely helpful for marking important pages. Most of our printed planners already include die-cut tabs, but if you’re using blank journals or notebooks, creating your own unique tabs has never been easier with washi tapes! To achieve that, all you have to do is stick a piece of washi tape along the edge of the page. For a wider tab, simply stick multiple pieces of tape next to each other. Fold the tape in half and affix it to the other side of the page, before trimming the tape down to your desired size and shape.

For a fuss-free alternative, we also carry index labels in pretty pastels that double convenient tabs for your notebooks!

4. Spruce up any space with mini buntings

Easy to make and lovely to look at, bunting is a brilliant way to brighten up your living space, or even as adorable cake toppers. Simply locate a twine of your preferred length, and fold washi tape around it. Then, cut a v-shaped notch at the bottom to create your pennant shape and that’s it! Hang your bunting wherever you want it to be and admire your handiwork when you’re done.




Petite-sized buntings, perfect for party decor (Credit: Gathering Beauty)

If you’re someone who enjoys journaling or dabbling in craft projects, washi tapes are not to be overlooked. We carry a wide variety of washi tapes in various sizes and designs, which are also incredibly versatile and fun to use! We would love to know if you create anything that is inspired by this post, so please tag us on Instagram if you share your works. Happy crafting!

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