A Step-by-Step Guide to Folding Your Compact Umbrella Neatly

A Step-by-Step Guide to Folding Your Compact Umbrella Neatly

Say goodbye to messy, bulging umbrellas! Our Midnight Wanderlust Compact Umbrella is designed to be slim and stylish, but folding it neatly is key to maintaining its sleek look. Follow these simple steps to effortlessly stow away your umbrella every time, and ready for your next adventure, come rain or shine.

Step 01:

Begin by pressing on the button and pulling the canopy close. Gather all the tips of the umbrella ribs together, making sure they align neatly. This sets the foundation for a tidy fold. 

Step 02:

Next, collapse the shaft of the umbrella by pushing down the cap of the handle. As you do this, tuck the tips of the metal ribs into the handle cap. This is a crucial step as it prevents the tips from sticking out and makes it much easier to neaten the canopy folds in the subsequent steps.

Step 03:

From the top of the umbrella, carefully straighten the pleats, following the natural fold lines of the canvas. This helps in aligning the canopy evenly and prevents any bunching when folded. 

Step 04:

Flip the umbrella over and repeat the process of straightening the pleats from the bottom, such that they form a 6-pointed star shape (depending on the number of ribs your umbrella has). Neatly arranged pleats are key to achieving a compact fold.

Step 05:

Spin the umbrella clockwise while curling it into a tight roll. As you do this, close the strap tightly around the umbrella to hold it in place. Take a moment to tidy up any creases or misaligned pleats. 

Step 06:

Finally, slip the neatly folded umbrella into its matching canvas sleeve to keep it secure. With the umbrella snugly in its pouch, it can now be stored in your bag or glove compartment without taking up much space, and ready to go!

Midnight Wanderlust Compact Umbrella

Featured above is our Midnight Wanderlust Mini Compact Umbrella. Featuring sweet floral illustrations on a dark-toned canopy with a UPF rating of 50+, this umbrella is as beautiful as it is functional.

Compact and lightweight, it's convenient to carry in your bag or luggage, ensuring you stay dry when its rainy and shaded when its sunny, wherever your adventures take you.

  • Closed dimensions: 5(W) x 18(H) cm
  • Open canopy: 90cm across
  • 217g, UPF 50+
  • Manual opening & closing mechanism
  • Includes a black canvas umbrella sleeve

As an exclusive gift-with-purchase, we are including a free waterproof drawstring pouch for the first 30 umbrella orders*. This pouch is great for storing your umbrellas on rainy days, keeping the interior of your bag dry even when your umbrella is dripping wet. 

For a quick demo summarising all the steps listed above, please watch the reel linked below. This simple 6-step method ensures your umbrella stays in great shape, ready for use whenever you need it!



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