Make A Mark With The Perfect Wax Seal

Make A Mark With The Perfect Wax Seal

With a rich history rooted since the Middle Ages and associated with cryptic handwritten letters, wax seals make a beautifully classic embellishment to your stationery. Times may have changed, but you can be sure that wax seals are not getting obsolete anytime soon.

Fun fact: Did you know? Throughout history, signet rings were sometimes used in place of handheld seals to authenticate documents, and also as a symbol of status and power.

While they look fairly straightforward to use, getting your seals in the shape you desire can get frustratingly tricky on your first few tries. We’ve put together some tried and tested tips to ease your process of getting the perfect seal. Remember, (patient) practice makes perfect and don’t forget to enjoy the process while you’re at it!


1.Place 3-5 wax beads on your metal spoon

  • Tip: Alternatively, use wax sticks with a glue gun (make sure the sizes are compatible) for a neater process

  • Tip: Use less wax for a neat, round seal; Use more wax for that rustic effect on the excess edges

2. Hold the spoon over a tealight or candle until all the wax beads have completely melted

  • Tip: Holding the spoon can get tiring, use a mini stove for hands-free experience!

  • Tip: Avoid overheating the wax so it doesn’t burn or boil, as that may result in unsightly bubbles in your seal


3. Slowly pour the wax onto your desired surface, holding the spoon as close to the surface as possible

  • Tip: Pour the wax as uniformly round as possible to achieve a round seal, unless you prefer a misshapen effect (which is fine too!)


4. Position your metal stamp the right sight up, and slowly press onto the melted wax

Tip: Hold the stamp perpendicular to the surface when pressing down, to ensure uniform distribution of the wax

Tip: If you’ve got multiple seals to create, chill your metal stamp on ice to speed up the process. Simply dry it before stamping.

5. Allow your stamp to sit for a couple of minutes, before slowly peeling it off the wax to reveal the beautiful design underneath

Tip: Rule of thumb - if the wax feels cool to the touch, the seal should be ready!


6. To clean the metal spoon, simply bring it back to a flame to melt down the wax, and wipe off the remnants with a clean paper towel, taking care not to touch the hot metal with your bare skin.

Tip: Messed up your seal? Don’t waste the wax! Slowly peel the unsatisfactory seal off the surface and melt it down again to reuse.


We have recently launched our Custom Couple Wax Seal Set, as part of our newly revamped Wedding Collection.

Immortalise your love and add a touch of old-school charm to your stationery with our pre-designed wax seals; the perfect gift for newlyweds, couples celebrating their anniversary, or anyone who wants to celebrate their love with an enduring symbol.

Each set includes:

  • Custom seal with wooden handle

  • 1 bottle of wax beads in colour of choice

  • Metal spoon for melting wax

  • 2 tealight candles

  • Optional add-on: Mini stove

Find out more over here!


For a quick demo summarising all the steps listed above, please watch the reel linked below. Enjoy and have fun with your own wax seal set!

Warning: As with all fire hazards, please take caution when handling fire and other heated elements, we will not be held responsible for any damage or injuries as a result of mishandling your equipment.

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