Studio Set-Up: Storage & Display Ideas

Studio Set-Up: Storage & Display Ideas

Since moving into our new studio and documenting the process on Instagram, I’ve received a number of enquiries on our set-up, so here’s your convenient address book to where I got most of our furniture and storage from!

Note: I’m mostly happy to share my recommendations on such matters, but I draw the line at being asked for contacts of my product suppliers/factories etc (yes, people still ask that), so I’d appreciate my boundaries being respected here; thank you!

  1. White shelf unit: Ikea

  2. Wall clock: Shopee

  3. White office chair: FortyTwo

  4. Mint mouse pad: Shopee

  5. L-shaped desk: Shopee


My cosy working corner


  1. Wooden shelving system: Ikea

  2. Cardboard organiser: Taobao

  3. White plastic bins: Shopee

  4. Clear boxes: Ikea

  5. Mini drawers: Shopee


Where our cards and lightweight stocks are stored

1.Heavy-duty metal racks: Shopee

Heavy-duty metal racks for storing bulkier stocks

Our little display area for your browsing

  1. White display shelves: Shopee

  2. Wooden dish rack: Ikea

  3. Coat rack: Shopee

  4. Woven baskets: Shopee


I hope this has been helpful. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: None of the products above are sponsored, but some contain are affiliate links.

If the links provided are broken or redirected to the generic store page, the original product links may either have been lost or products discontinued.

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