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Aquamarine | Temporary Tattoo Sheet

Aquamarine | Temporary Tattoo Sheet

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Drawn to tattoos but unable to commit to the same design for life? Choose from 6 beautiful marine-inspired illustrations to adorn yourself with and experience the thrill of being inked!

These tattoos are printed on 1 single sheet and require to be cut out individually for application, making them perfect for sharing (we won’t tell if you hoard ‘em all too). Now you can get ‘inked’ in just a few minutes and with a bit of water!

A collaboration between Papercranes Design x Henndrawn, these tattoos are co-designed with See Min, founder of Henndrawn, known for pioneering the use of Jagua ink in her temporary tattoo services.

  • 6 different designs on 1 A5-sized sheet (148 x 210mm)
  • Non-toxic, skin-safe
  • High quality print and waterproof, can last for 4-7 days
  • Detailed instructions printed on the flipside

Note: Due to reactions with certain body soaps and products, these tattoos may develop a greenish tinge in a few days after application. This is normal and does not affect the durability of the tattoos.

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