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Lavender Fields Double-walled 350ml Glass Mug

Lavender Fields Double-walled 350ml Glass Mug

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Indulge in your favourite beverage with our Lavender Fields Double-Walled Glass Mug. Adorned with delicate lavender stalks encircling the circumference, this mug effortlessly combines beauty with functionality.

The double-walled construction keeps your drink hot while preventing the exterior from getting too hot to handle. With a generous 350ml capacity, this glass mug is perfect for your morning coffee or tea.

  • 350ml
  • Double-walled Glass
  • Optional add-on: Bamboo Cup Lid ($2.50)

Note: Suitable for hot liquids, but please take caution and handle with care. Avoid dropping during wash or stirring your drinks with a teaspoon as hard impact may cause the fragile inner glass to crack easily.

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